Social Media Marketing for the Motorcycle Industry
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Social Media Profile Creation

If your company is new to the social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, CycleSpoke is here to help you navigate the vast array of websites and create company pages (profiles) on each website that is relevant for your industry. If your company has social media pages, CycleSpoke offers review services to make sure that your pages are set up and utilized properly..

Social Media Content Management

Once a company creates its social media pages (profiles), the next step is to figure out how to utilize them. This step primarily focuses on deciding what type of content to include on the company's social media pages, and how to generate such content. This is where most companies struggle because it is very time consuming. CycleSpoke helps companies select and publish relevant content that will attract new followers and maintain the current ones.

Sales Promotions

Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are perfect vehicles for sales promotions. Users are always looking for great deals and offer instant feedback. CycleSpoke helps companies craft and broadcast sales promotion messages (offers) to their followers (fans). Targeted messages and sales promotions are delivered to thousands of social media users and results are instantaneous.

Online Advertising

The biggest problem that companies face in the social media marketing field is the inability to acquire followers (fans). This is one of CycleSpoke’s strongest areas of expertise. We have the skills and experience to acquire fans without breaking the client’s bank. CycleSpoke is prepared to transform client’s social media pages into making money machines, increase their website traffic, and build customer loyalty.

Event Promotions and Invitations

CycleSpoke has access to more than 1 million motorcycle enthusiasts via its sister websites,, and Companies that cater to this group of consumers have a perfect opportunity to invite them to various events, such as bike nights, charity runs, etc. Event invites are delivered to each user's personal profile and offer the ability to RSVP to the event. CycleSpoke helps companies create events and send out the mass invites. Event invites can be general or targeted based on specific demographic criteria. This is your opportunity to make your next event a huge success.